Livestock Tagging

Articles & Whitepapers

  • What are the uses of analyzing fish?

    Fish, which share many physiological properties with mammals, are a highly visible part of most aquatic habitats with over 775 species in North America alone. Critical to many natural food chains, they are a source of food, recreation and economic growth and affect the plankton, macrophytes and other aquatic organisms with whom they coexist. Fish often are one of the first indicators of change in ...


  • £1m project aims to save wild salmon

    A PROJECT aimed at trying to halt the decline in wild salmon stocks was launched this morning on the River Garry in the Scottish Highlands.The Missing Salmon Project will track scores of fish in an attempt to uncover what has caused populations to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Male Ear Tag

    Male Ear Tag

    Male Ear Tag Lenght (mm.) 40. Width (mm.) 35. Include metal washer at female part