Livestock Tagging

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  • Female Ear Tags
    Showcase Product

    Female Ear Tags

    By Ayvetsan

    Female Ear Tags  DIAMETER (mm.) Ø 30. Include metal washer at female part for security.

  • Male Ear Tag
    Showcase Product

    Male Ear Tag

    By Ayvetsan

    Male Ear Tag Lenght (mm.) 40. Width (mm.) 35. Include metal washer at female part

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  • Carmel Group Inc

    Carmel Group Inc

    Carmel Group Inc. began in 1974 with a simple goal: A quality product at a fair price. We are a leading manufacturer of animal markers, crayons, and ...

  • Nordic Star

    Nordic Star

    Nordic Star Limited was founded in 1996. It started as a small business selling agricultural products and began specialising in animal ID products in ...

  • Ritchey Livestock ID

    Ritchey Livestock ID

    Ritchey Ear Tags are the only tags, which allow the numbers or letter to be permanently engraved into the dual colored tag. This unique method is ...

  • Kupsan Tag Company Ltd.

    Kupsan Tag Company Ltd.

    We are proud to provide you with the best quality in animal identification systems. As the producer of the qualifed ear tags for all livestock ...

  • Premier 1 Supplies

    At Premier, we’ve been providing electric fencing and electric netting, sheep and goat supplies, clippers and shearers, ear tags, poultry products ...