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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Brewer's Grain - Case Study

    Brewer's Grain - Case Study

    Brewer's grain is a vegetable residue from the production of beer and other malt beverages. The material has a high nutritional value and is a popular feed supplement for livestock. Dairy farmers consider brewer's grain to be a highly palatable and absorptive feedstock that helps stimulate milk production.However, due to the high moisture content, fresh brewer's grain has a very short shelf life. ...


  • Two weeks left for Victorian animal activism inquiry

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is calling on all farmers, supply chain businesses, and agricultural professionals to make a submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Inquiry into the Impact of Animal Activism before it closes in two ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Cattle Chute Transport Cart

    Cattle Chute Transport Cart

    Chute transport cart is designed for ease of use. Just wheel up to the chute, wind up into position, lock it in and hook up to the vehicle. 2″ ball hook up. Cart usable on Tuff Squeeze Chute and Tuff Hoof Trimming Chute.