Livestock Weighing

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  • Project Cal Poly University Research Centre - Cases Study

    About the Poultry CenterThe Cal Poly Poultry Center has housing facilities for 7,000 broilers and 7,000 replacement pullets. In addition, the Poultry Center has two egg production facilities—a two-story turbo house and a stack-deck house. Both houses are exact replicas of the facilities currently used by the commercial egg production industry. The Poultry Center also contains

  • What is Pet Cremation?

    Types of cremation for a petThere are two types of cremation for a pet:Collective cremation: when the pet is cremated with other animals. The ashes are not returned to the owner but taken to ...


  • EU HRC: Mills get revenge on Turkey

    The northwest European hot-rolled coil (HRC) market weakened a touch further today as mills continued to look to exports to rebuild battered orderbooks.Argus` domestic northwest Europe HRC index slipped €1/t to €489/t ex-works. The ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Animal Incinerator

    Animal Incinerator

    I8-200A model is an entry-level large scale incinerator that will consistently perform for you. It gives you controlled air incinerator, providing optimal combustion conditions for different waste types. As well as range of waste type solutions you also benefit from top loading design giving you liquid retention -it deals with many of the common solids and liquids. This unit benefits from a ...