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  • 2 m Depth Bi-Partite Root Auger Set
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    2 m Depth Bi-Partite Root Auger Set

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    By applying the bi-partite root auger almost undisturbed, uniform soil samples can be taken in layers of maximal 15 cm. The bi-partite root auger consists of a bottom part fitted with an exchangeable drilling-crown and ...

  • Manure Injection Toolbar
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    Manure Injection Toolbar

    By Bazooka Farmstar

    This toolbar features Dietrich Series 70 shanks with 8” chisel sweeps, ideal for higher rate manure applications greater than 10,000 gallons per acre.

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  • Zaccaria Srl.

    Zaccaria Srl.

    Our company founded by the Zaccaria family, have been consistently producing high quality and competitively priced Agricultural trailers since 1960. ...

  • Nuhn Industries Ltd.

    Nuhn Industries Ltd.

    More than one hundred years ago, Simon Nuhn opened a blacksmith shop in Wartburg, Ontario, Canada. Since then, much has changed as Simon`s small ...

  • KUHN S.A.

    KUHN S.A.

    The KUHN Group offers a wide choice of agricultural machinery to meet every farmer`s requirements. Whether you are a farmer or a dealer, you will ...

  • Agribrink


    Do you want to maximize yield potential in your fields? Heavy equipment can compact soil and damage soil structure which lowers yields and increases ...

  • Gøma Viborg ApS

    Gøma Viborg ApS

    GOMA was founded in 1975 as a special distributor of vacuum tankers, spreaders and later slurry equipment.Today, GOMA is a state-of-the-art company ...