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Manure Management equipment for Livestock

  • Premium

    Model AGR/GPS - Unit Coupling Admin. Sys., 24V

    AGR/GPS unit coupling with administrative systems, complete with printer and stainless steel protective housing (24V).

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Manure Technology Product line

  • Premium

    Model 405041 - Epson Dot Matrix Printer for AGR

    Epson dot matrix printer TNU-295 for AGR system (exclusive supplycable).

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Manure Technology Product line

  • Model HBC Series - Hygienizing Biocell Unit

    The process of biodrying or biostabilization occurs inside the HBC biocell: the presence of oxygen (air) supports an aerobic process of biological degradation of the organic substances present in cow manure. The process is highly exothermic and the resulting heat production is used to ensure the hygienisation of the product and to evaporate the ...

    By CRI-MAN S.p.A. based in CORREGGIO (RE), ITALY. from Aerobic Digester for Slurry Processing Product line

  • Model DST - SW - Farmyard Manure Spreaders

    These spreaders are designed especially for farms where only farmyard manure is to be spread and therefore no broad spreading system is required. HAWE offers 4 models with single or tandem axles-chassis. Loading volume is 7.5 to 17.5 m3 and certified gross weight between 8 and 20 tonnes.

    By HAWE-Wester GmbH & Co. KG based in Wippingen, GERMANY. from Spreaders Product line

  • EVO - Model JT200 - Slurry Robots

    The animal-friendly, noiseless JOZ-Tech system scrapes the manure alleys spotlessly clean, even into the smallest of corners, at a controlled speed. The robot uses patented sensor technology. As a result, even between the cows and in extreme conditions, the JOZ-Tech is very reliable. The system can handle large areas, without a problem. The ...

    By JOZ BV based in Westwoud, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model Header Series - Lagoon Crawler

    The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler is an amphibious vehicle designed for agitating lagoons. The wheels are able to drop down, giving the vehicle roughly 5 feet of ground clearance. The unit then drives itself into a lagoon, where it turns into an agitation boat. When in the lagoon, the Lagoon Crawler is powered by a quad port, Nuhn Header Series manure pump. ...

    By Nuhn Industries Ltd. based in Sebringville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Header Series Manure Pump Range Product line

  • Genius - Transport/Spreader Trailer

    Transport/Spreader trailer with system of unloading and compression with horizontal push. Capacity from 14.000 to 20.000 kg. Genius is a trailer with an innovative tipping system with a horizontal thrust by hydraulically operated gate.

    By Grazioli Remac srl based in Calvisano (BS), ITALY. from Trailers, Dumper Trailers, Manure Spreader Product line

  • Metal Slats - Manure drying

    Main advantages: In addition to the plastic slats, Big Dutch­man can also offer a metal slat. This metal slat is mainly used in fully-slatted houses that are equipped with a manure removal system, e.g. a manure scraper below the slats. Metal slats are heavier than plastic slats but easy to clean, even when still installed. Dismantling the ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Manure Pit Systems Product line

  • Air Blowing System with Turbines

    Using the hot air in the building, the system compresses the air and conveys it into turbines that push it towards perforated pipes, laid lengthwise along the cages.The holes in the pipes ensure uniform drying of the manure and adequate ventilation on each tier of the cage, increasing animal well-being.

    By Tecno Poultry Equipment Spa based in Ronchi di Villafranca Padovana, ITALY. from Drying Chicken Manure Product line

  • The Seymour - Model 1000 - Mini Spreader

    Spreads Super, Lime, Gypsum, All Organic Manure, Compost/Wood Waste Materials, Sand & Soils. Low Profile, Narrow Body & Wheel Track, Tandem Axle, Heavy Duty Spinners 450 dia, Anti Corrosive Nylon Floor (16mm), Aggressive Chain Floor for Manures & Compost, Lime or Gypsum, Simple Door Adjustment, Self Cleaning, Designed to suit all ...

    By Southern Cross Mowers Pty Ltd. based in Rutherford, AUSTRALIA. from Spreaders Product line

  • Flexy - Manure Dry System

    Capacity per linear mt  max 240 birds. Capacity per mt²  mt² 116 birds. Belt capacity per minute  726 birds. Belt speed at 50 hz  3,3 mt/min. Belt speed at 60 hz  4 mt/min. Perforated belt  18/10.

    By Flexy S.r.l. based in Campo San Martino – PD, ITALY.

  • Schmack - Model PASCO 8/12 - Feeding System

    The PASCO 8/12 feeding system consists of a sturdy metering station made of steel. The PASCO 8/12 is specially designed to feed in difficult substrates, such as large quantities of solid manure, grass and renewable raw materials. The basic version of the PASCO has a capacity of approx. 8 m³ which can be easily increased to a capacity of 12 ...

    By Schmack Biogas GmbH - member of the Viessmann Group based in Schwandorf, GERMANY. from PASCO Feeding System Product line

  • BICCHI - Model BSR - Rotating Manure Spreader

    Front rotary spreading system. Conveyor mat 2 chains with steel braces. Inclined sides. Dropping rear side. Cardan shaft.  Mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic brake.  Hydraulic inner gate on request. Hydraulic conveyor on request. BSR100 and BSR140 with tandem axle

    By BICCHI S.r.l. based in Arezzo, ITALY. from Manure Spreaders Product line

  • Model K-15 - Sprinkler

    This stationary and rotary irrigator with single jet is a multi-purpose irrigator which can be used in the cultivation of vegetables, of fruit, of vine and in other delicate cultivations and in parks, etc. For example: it can be used for pest control, manuring, leaf manuring, dry showering etc.

    By Kofler Regnerbau GmbH Srl based in LAGUNDO (BZ), ITALY. from K Series Sprinkler Product line

  • Vaschieri - Model L/50 - Manure Spreaders

    Certified total capacity: 50. Required power: HP 40/50. Approx.average capacity: m³ 4/5:. Body length: m. 3,50. Side height: m. 0,75. Tread: m. 1,60. Max. averall size: m. 1,90, Rotor :m. 1,4, Max. manure-spreader width: m. 5/6. Semi-new tires: 12.5.20-14.5.20. Weight: Kg. 1300.

    By Vaschieri Lorenzo Srl based in Solignano di Castelvetro (MO), ITALY. from Rear Spreading Manure Spreaders Product line

  • Legioblock - Silage Pits

    For constructing silage pits with the Legioblock construction system, we guarantee fast, flexible and instant solutions. Silage pits are customised, according to your preferred dimensions, in units of 40 cm.he blocks and rebuild at another location, or simply to modify the existing structure.

    By Jansen Betonwaren B.V. based in SON, NETHERLANDS.

  • JHminiStro - Filling Stations

    Bale opening device: The ball opening device is available for different bale sizes. The bales can be loaded from three sides. In the device alone fits one bale of straw, but the device can be combined with an additional feeder table, on which several bales can be stored. On the device the JHminiStrø CUTTER can be mounted to cut the straw ...

    By JH Agro A/S based in Holstebro, DENMARK. from Bedding and Feeding Systems Product line

  • Model SO2 - Special Manure Spreader

    Manure spreader with special equipment consisting in two horizontal or one horizontal roller. Our manure spreaders with their special system, ensure you an increased harvest, because only manure distributed in a fine and uniform way promotes natural growth.

    By Grazioli Agri srl based in Carpenedolo (Brescia), ITALY. from Manure Spreaders Product line

  • Arts Way - Model Roda HV Series - Truck Mounted Manure Spreader

    The Roda HV Series Truck Mounted manure Spreaders from Art's Way provides solutions to all of your manure spreading needs. The HV Series is available with either vertical (mechanically driven) or horizontal (hydraulically driven) beaters. The spreader has a 667K pintle chain Triple Apron with dual drive and can be electronically reversed with the ...

    By Huestis Farm Supply based in Bridport, VERMONT (USA).

  • Alley Vacuum Scraper

    The Nuhn Alley Vac makes clean up quick and easy. One pass down the aisle and everything is collected. And with our high flotation tires, the unit can be taken to the field to spread or transferred to a lagoon.

    By Nuhn Industries Ltd. based in Sebringville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Spreader Range Product line

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