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Manure Mixing equipment for Livestock

  • WasteMaster - Concentrated Product

    Wastemaster is a concentrated product of microorganisms and enzymes used to liquefy solids and reduce odors, phosphates and nitrates. The processed solids and liquids are an excellent natural fertilizer. Available sizes: 10kg, 20kg

    By Nuvac Eco-Science Inc based in Valcourt, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Treatment of Agricultural Pits and Lagoons - Odor Reduction Product line

  • AgriLag - Bacterial Strains

    AgriLag is a product composed of different bacterial strains that aerobically biodegrade organic matter. Available sizes: 10kg, 20kg.

    By Nuvac Eco-Science Inc based in Valcourt, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Treatment of Agricultural Pits and Lagoons - Odor Reduction Product line

  • Model MAX - Transplanter

    Transplanter in perforating vertical rotating glasses for transplanting of plastic films, paper and earth alone, in the greenhouse and in the open field plants with conical and cylindrical ball max cm. Max 7 cm diameter and cubic. 6x6 and even seeds. Adjustable Spacing min. 45 max on request. Interplants adjustable min. cm. 15 cm max. 162. ...

    By Fedele Mario based in Lanciano (Chieti), ITALY. from Transplanters Product line

  • P-Sol - Phosphate Solubilizing Liquid Fertilizer

    Phosphorus is one of the major plant nutrients dominant in alkaline soils, a greater part of soil phosphorus (95 – 99%) is present in an insoluble form and hence is unavailable to the plant. Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms are capable of solubilizing Ca, Al, Fe phosphates as well as rock phosphates and mineralizing organic phosphorus, ...

    By Nico Orgo USA, Inc. based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Rolmako - Model U 693 - Compact Disc Harrow

    The disc harrow’s main purpose is to scarify and crumble the soil. It has a wide range of uses – it can be employed for mixing lime, mineral fertilizers, manure or stubble with the soil. The machine can effectively replace ploughing. The disc harrow scarifies, crumbles and breaks apart the soil layer. The discs are made out of high ...

    By Rolmako based in Września, POLAND.

  • Bio-Star - Model FL+ - Concentrated Blend

    Bio-STAR FL+ is a concentrated blend of naturally occurring micro organisms, enzymes and micronutrients specifically developed to liquefy, digest and deodorize animal waste. It enhances the hydrolysis and bio-oxidation process in manure to reduce odorous reactions and improves its overall quality for better practice management.

    By Les Traitements Bio-Bac Inc. based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Biological Solutions Product line

  • Buwa - Model MSBVC – MSCVC - Manure/Slurry Storage Tank

    These tanks are especially developed for the storage of manure/slurry. The tanks are constructed from corrugated steel panels, and the panels of the MSBVC or MSCVC tanks have a minimum panel thickness of 1,2 or 1,4 mm. The tank is always galvanised and fully coated inside as well as outside. The uniquely developed ...

    By Buwatec B.V. based in Almkerk, NETHERLANDS. from Buwa Tank Product line

  • Slurrystore - Manure Storage Control Systems

    Slurrysore storage systems help dairy and livestock producers manage manure better to meet environmental regulations and protect the environment.

    By CST Industries Inc based in Kansas City, MISSOURI (USA). from Agriculture Products Product line

  • Fertilizer Granulating Production Line

    We self-develop multi-functional fertilizer granulating production line equipment, which has the advantages of compact structure small footprint,and reliable operation.

  • Manure Pump Trailers

    250 Gallon Booster Pump, Bumper Pull, Gooseneck trailers available.

    By Bazooka Farmstar based in Washington, IOWA (USA). from Liquid Manure Pump Trailers Product line

  • Manure Handling Equipment

    Manure handling is a very important aspect of the dairy farm, but logical and practical design are the keywords for an optimal manure handling and –storage. Van der Ploeg International works together with several suppliers to optimize all manure handling. Starting with scraping systems for manure alleys we also deliver all kinds of pumps, ...

    By Van der Ploeg International BV based in Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS. from Dairy Farms Product line

  • PCE - Dragline System

    The most efficient and environmentally friendly way to utilize animal manure as a natural fertilizer to grow crops.

    By Puck Custom Enterprises, Inc. based in Manning, IOWA (USA).

  • Koylu - Cultivator

    This type of model can be produced in 7,9,11 and 13 legs. It is used for tearing up the soil, emboss and aerate it, breaking up soil clods, cutting alien meadows and pull up its roots to surface, mixing the seeds and mineral manures which was thrown to soil surface, and hoeing the rows of plants when the required settlements are made. The Koylu ...

    By Köylü Agriculture Machines Industry Co. based in Selçuklu, TURKEY. from Cultivators Product line

  • Portland Nursery - Garden Amendments

    Portland Nursery has a garden amendment for every occasion; whether it’s for planting that new rhododendron, getting a new garden bed ready for vegetables, or mulching around your roses, there are many that are appropriate for your needs.

    By Portland Nursery based in Portland, OREGON (USA).

  • Model Header Series - Vertical Pit Liquid Manure Pumps

    The Nuhn Triple Port Pump is an animal of a pump! I've been pumping manure since 1996, and over that time I've operated many other makes of pumps. Nuhn pumps are hands down way better than the competitor. Their pumps are more reliable, have better performance and are user friendly. With the triple port outlet, it uses 100 hp less than a competitor ...

    By Nuhn Industries Ltd. based in Sebringville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Header Series Manure Pump Range Product line

  • Raceway Manure Storage Pit Agitator

    Over the wall from 500ft transferline. No water added. Low horsepower per capacity. 3200 GPM through 500ft transferline. Out of the pit in a minute. 200 hp gearbox, 5 barns. 10 alleyscrapers 600,000 gallon collector pit. Monthly 2 1/2 hr transfer to storage

    By Spanjer Machines based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Agitators Product line

  • Sealed Driveline Pumps

    Sealed Driveline built for handling sand laden manure . Proven durability up to 5 years . Pump frame is stainless steel . Spring loaded mechanical seal  Hardend critical parts.

    By Spanjer Machines based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Pumps Product line

  • Fiberglass Manure Spreader

    Fiberglass is lighter than steel and just as strong when engineered correctly! On average, the weight savings from a fiberglass tank to steel can be the equivalent to 1000 gallons!. Fiberglass is constructed from resin, hardener and glass fibers; therefore it won’t rust out! Manure is very corrosive and fiberglass is even tough enough to ...

    By Nuhn Industries Ltd. based in Sebringville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Spreader Range Product line

  • KIRCHNER - Model PTH - Liquid Manure Pump

    The KIRCHNER PTH liquid manure pumps are mainly used when long hose lines are required or great differences in height must be overcome. The drive is carried out via the tractor power take-off shaft. The pumps can be equipped with a manual or automatic filling system. With the manual system the air is removed from the suction line by means of a ...

    By KIRCHNER Agrar- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH based in Statzendorf, AUSTRIA. from Liquid Manure Technology Product line

  • Model ITD - Long Tree Electric Mixers

    The ITD electric mixers are designed for mixing, homogenising and agitating the slurry. Technical mastery, the combination of materials used and the use of propellers with self-cleaning profile are a guarantee of solidity and efficiency, even in extreme conditions.

    By CRD Company based in Ernee, FRANCE. from Mixers Product line

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