Manure Solids

Equipment & Solutions

  • Spread Spreader
    Showcase Product

    Spread Spreader

    By H Fulton Tractors Ltd.

    Main distrubitors for this Agri Spread equipment   IS THE STRONGEST MACHINES ON THE MARKET AT A FAIR PRICE,   A manufacture with over 50 years experience. Machine spec Includes slurry door,high floatation tyres,fully ...

  • Manure Tunne
    Showcase Product

    Manure Tunne

    By OMAZ srl

    SAHARA manure tunnel is the fruit of a careful work of design and study of the material and which aims at achieving an innovative, efficient and long lasted product.

  • Manure Pro / Composter (Aerobic Manure Processor)
    Showcase Product

    Manure Pro / Composter (Aerobic Manure Processor)

    By Press Technology & Mfg., Inc.

    What is the Manure Pro? Manure Pro is an in-vessel pasteurization of dry manure solids (DMS) for the elimination and reduction of unwanted pathogens, weed seeds, and odors. Pasteurization takes place through the self ...

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