Manure Storage

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  • Compost Is Clear Carbon Storage Winner

    Compost Is Clear Carbon Storage Winner

    A recent study from the University of California Davis (UC Davis) confirmed what many of us have known for our professional careers: compost makes the difference.  Researchers tested soils from long-term field plots that had been established 19 years prior. They measured total soil organic carbon and nitrogen as well as bulk density (the weight of the soil per unit volume) at depths to 200 ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Manure Belt System

    Manure Belt System

    Main advantages: Big Dutchman can now offer its customers the new manure belt system NATURA Sunrise, which is easy to monitor and to manage. In contrast to manure pit systems, NATURASunrise has manure belts that are installed below the drinker and feed lines. These belts collect the manure and remove it from the house at regular intervals, thus reducing ammonia emissions and creating a good ...