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    Using food processors is the fastest and easiest means of food preparation, they help the kitchen with slicing, dicing, tenderizing, mixing, and other prep tasks duties in the shortest time. Without a food processor, deploying by hand can be time –consuming and error-prone, such unnecessary waste when peeling a potato, different thickness of the cucumber slices. Get food processors in ...

  • Probiotics: a second mother for young ruminants?

    Probiotics: a second mother for young ruminants?

    Lallemand presents new ruminant study at the 5thBeneficial Microbes Conference in AmsterdamLallemand Animal Nutrition participated in the 5th Beneficial Microbes Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, ...


  • DGA Update: Grazing Innovation Center Now Open to the Public

    Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship has its own course offering that has been traditionally for apprentices going through the DGA program, the Managed Grazing Innovation Center. It is also now available to Masters, Interns, and the public for the first ...

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  • Fumonisin Toxin ELISA Test Kit

    Fumonisin Toxin ELISA Test Kit

    REAGEN™Fumonisin ELISA Test Kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of Fumonisin in cereals, dried meat/fish, feed, milk and seed .The unique features of the kit are:High recovery (80-105%),rapid(10-20minutes), cost-effective extraction methods.High sensitivity (1 ng/g or ppb).High reproducibility.A quick ELISA assay (less than 1 hours regardless of ...