Equipment & Solutions

  • Disc Dryers
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    Disc Dryers

    By Rentec NV

    Continuous dryer with up to 300 m² heating surface.

  • Crusher
    Showcase Product


    By Haarslev Industries A/S

    The Haarslev Crusher is particularly rugged and hardwearing, designed for breaking down all types of offal and bones from meat and poultry slaughterhouses, so they can be used more effectively in rendering processes, ...

  • Batch Cookers
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    Batch Cookers

    By Rentec NV

    A complete range of batch cookers, dryers and sterilisers with capacities of 6000, 8000, 12000, 16000 and 25000 litres.

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  • /files/6063/images/covers/9780387772394.jpg

    Bioconductor Case Studies

    Bioconductor software has become a standard tool for the analysis and comprehension of data from high-throughput genomics experiments. Its ...

  • green space, green time

    In a provocative book that is sure to be controversial, Connie Barlow puts forth a compelling case for breaching the barrier between science and ...

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    Globalization and Urban Implosion

    In the past twenty years, globalization has rendered many economic and social urban functions obsolete. Large cities face a form of implosion, which ...

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    New Visions of Nature

    'New Visions of Nature' focuses on the emergence of these new visions of complex nature in three domains. The first selection of essays reflects ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • A & S Thai Works Co., Ltd.

    A & S Thai Works Co., Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of fishmeal and rendering plants in Asia Pacific, Since 1986, we have delivered, ...

  • Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

    Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

    MPOB is the premier government agency entrusted to serve the country’s oil palm industry. Its main role is to promote and develop national ...

  • Mavitec


    Mavitec is specialised in the design, manufacturing and installation of high quality process systems and equipment for the ‘rendering’ industry. Our ...

  • Euroexpo Exhibitions & Congress Development GmbH

    Euroexpo Exhibitions & Congress Development GmbH

    Euroexpo, ltd. was created in 1992. Our exhibitions cover a wide scale of industries and are aimed at professionals (B2B). Euroexpo is a member of ...

  • Global Leading Conferences (GLC)

    Global Leading Conferences (GLC)

    Global Leading Conferences (GLC) is a market leader in constructing industry focused events where business meets intelligence.We structure our events ...