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  • Bldg Products: Rendering Facilities - Case Study

    Problem Rendering processes produce continuous, wet conditions. In addition, building components at rendering operations are exposed to frequent wash downs with heavy- duty industrial cleaners. These ...


  • Feeding the growing world population

    According to the estimates of the United Nations, in 2050 the world population will be over 10 billion. This will lead to approximately 50 percent increase in food need compared to 2013. In order to meet this demand, agricultural production needs to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Versatile Exhaust Air Chimney

    Versatile Exhaust Air Chimney

    The versatile exhaust air chimney with a unique design. The CL 600 exhaust air chimney has an aerodynamic shape and ensures optimum ventilation conditions. The chimney is made of polypropylene, has a smooth, dirt-repelling surface and is insensitive to sunlight and frost. The chimney can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.