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  • Growing Sprouted Fodder for Livestock

    Growing Sprouted Fodder for Livestock

    With many regions of the world experiencing record droughts and available water becoming more of a concern for many businesses and individuals who own and raise livestock, seeking options and solutions to maintain the health and growth of their animals can be a challenge. Sprouting fodder on site can become a dependable and low cost source of feed and nutritional supplementation, creating a ...


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  • Acid Stable Protease

    Acid Stable Protease

    Application Animal Feed, Dietary Supplements, Food, Beverage, & Ingredients. Origin Aspergillus niger. Description A complex mixture of both exo- and endo- proteases that hydrolyzes proteins. pH Optimum 1.0 – 4.0. Temp Optimum °C 30 – 65.