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Ruminants equipment for Livestock

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    Kits for Prion Proteins

    In past twenty years public awareness of prion diseases has grown in parallel with the occurrence of cases of BSE and realization that this disease can be transmitted to humans through the consumption of contaminated meat and give rise to a variant form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) the prion disease in humans - rarer forms of manifestation ...

  • Olmix - Model Z Lick - Stimulate Feed

    In self-service, buckets and lick-blocks from the innovative Z'lick range stimulate the ruminant’s digestion.

    By Olmix Group based in BREHAN, FRANCE. from Animal Care Product line

  • BUTIFOUR - Gut Health Improvers

    Our POWER-PROTEXION® range offers highly cost-effective and sustainable protection for your animals and added value for your business. Our feed ingredients combine high quality antioxidants, mould inhibitors, mycotoxin eliminators, Salmonella inhibitors, acidifiers, enzymes, prebiotics and butyrates into innovative feed products that ...

    By Impextraco based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Animal Protection Product line

  • Model 10-55-10+TE - Dry Soluble Fertilizers

    Enhances growth and development of vegetable crops, lawns, golf courses and turf. Delivers a dry soluble formulation of N, P and K with a high level of P to correct nutritional deficiencies. Provides higher supplemental levels of B, Co, Cu, Mn, Mo and Zn micronutrients than common soluble fertilizers. Mixes easily in the tank and with most ...

    By StollerUSA based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Dry Soluble Fertilizers Product line

  • eCow - Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)

    With the growing demand for milk and reducing costs on farms, methods for increasing productivity have included a switch from high fibre diets to diets high in grains (carbohydrates). While this method of increasing productivity does provide results, there are substantial downsides associated with the health of the cow which are often not visible ...

    By eCow Ltd. based in Exeter, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Tri-Mic - Model 1:50 - Improve Feed Intakes and Feed Utilization

    Improve feed intakes and feed utilization for maximum production and reproductive performance with Tri-Mic 1:50. Tri-Mic 1:50 uses patented methods of stabilization and packaging to insure live viable and fast-acting microbes for maximum performance. It contains research levels of ruminant-specific bacteria and is formulated for whole herd ...

    By Accelerated Genetics based in Baraboo, WISCONSIN (USA). from Nutrition Product Product line

  • Martínez & Staneck - Model Tuareg 155 - Round Baler

    Martínez & Staneck, in their search for physiological and nutritional quality of food for livestock, made an agreement with the Italian firm Mascar as technology transfer from their Roundbaler Tuareg, an oustanding and last technology tool. The machine cuts and rolls forage at the same; this has positive consequences stabilizing impacting ruminal ...

    By Martinez & Staneck S.A. based in Tandil, ARGENTINA.

  • ELEFANTINO - Model TN - Chopping-Mixing Wagon

    At G.CAVARZAN each project is developed with the greatest engagement and creativity in order to exploit at the best all the potentialities. The ability to incorporate the requirements of the customers, creating with them the right collaboration, has allowed us to achieve important results.  The result of these researches, and personal ...

    By G. Cavarzan based in Vedelago, ITALY.

  • Digestarom - Formulated Phytogenic Product

    Digestarom is a specifically formulated phytogenic product designed to support digestion and feed efficiency by combining unique flavoring properties with biologically active properties. Digestarom is suitable for use in poultry, pig, ruminant, fish and shrimp feed as well as companion animal diets.

    By BIOMIN Holding GmbH - part of ERBER Group based in Getzersdorf, AUSTRIA.

  • Delacon ACTIFOR - Model PRO - Natural Boost Phytogenic Solutions

    Boosting feed efficiency in ruminants: Within the ACTIFOR product line, ACTIFOR PRO is THE phytogenic solution for a profitable ruminant production by increasing feed efficiency. ACTIFOR PRO enhances protein efficiency in the ruminant gastro intestinal tract, showing major impact on milk production in dairy cows and reducing greenhouse gas ...

    By Delacon Biotechnik GmbH based in Steyregg, GERMANY. from Ruminant Product line

  • Enhalor - Model Meat-SF - Yeast Culture Feed for Cattle and Mutton Sheep

    Meat-SF(Yeast Culture for cattle and mutton sheep) is the micro-ecological products made by patented strains(Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that are with outstanding fermentative capacity and best quality under a serious of fermentation process conditions. It is not only without any toxicity, side effects, residue or contamination, but also contains ...

    By Beijing Enhalor International Tech Co., Ltd. based in Haidian District, CHINA. from Ruminants Product line

  • Butifour - Gut Health Improvers

    BUTIFOUR is an all-in-one solution for an improved intestinal health, a well-balanced and a powerful formula based on butyrate, a salt of butyric acid. BUTIFOUR®, thanks to carefully selected ingredients, covers all the species-specific needs. BUTIFOUR is especially developed to promote intestinal health and support the gut in his day-to-day ...

    By Impextraco based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Animal Protection Product line

  • Vitameg - Feeding Supplement

    Vitameg is a feeding supplement with prebiotic and Omega 3 for young ruminants. Early feeding and rumen development are key to successful calf and lamb rearing. Vitameg’s combination of ingredients when fed to young ruminants will:

    By Agritech based in Nenagh, IRELAND. from Welmin Minerals - Calf Product line

  • FodderTech - Feeding Sprouts for Beef Cows

    Feeding sprouts is more affordable than feeding grain or hay. Sprouts can be grown for as little as $0.03 – $0.05 per lb. Start saving on your feed bill with FodderTech.

    By FodderTech based in Sandy, UTAH (USA). from Nutrition Product line

  • JH Agro - Deep Litter

    The importance of a well-bedded deep litter is well known. Especially in dairy cow herds one will experience increased health, if you offer the animals a dry bed. When lying in a well-bedded and dry bed the udder is better supplied with blood, the cow has more time for rumination, the musculoskeletal system is relieved and the hoofs can dry.

    By JH Agro A/S based in Holstebro, DENMARK. from JH Automatic Bedding and Feeding Technology Product line

  • Bushmans - Molasses Tank (5,000 Litre)

    The Bushmans’ TM1100 Molasses Tank is a 5000 litre tank that is designed to store and dispense molasses to livestock, enabling the stock to make better utilisation of dry feed. Molasses is a very cost effective energy supplement available for cattle and other ruminant animals in areas close to sugar mills. The real benefits of molasses ...

    By Bushmans Group Pty Ltd. based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Molasses Tanks Product line

  • GENEZIS - Genezis Urea

    The amide nitrogen in urea has a relatively long lasting effect. It transforms to nitrate through biochemical processes and the intermediate products are not leached from the soil, therefore, this product is excellent for basic fertilization. As a 0.5 to 1% solution, it can be used for leaf fertilization as its aqueous solution does not burn the ...

    By Nitrogenmuvek Co., Ltd. based in Hosök tere, HUNGARY. from Nitrogen Fertilizers Product line

  • Enhalor - Model Milk-SF - Yeast Culture Feed for Dairy Cow

    Milk-SF(Yeast Culture for dairy cow) is the micro-ecological products made by high-performance saccharomycetes with specific medium after fully anaerobic fermentation under certain process conditions. It is mainly composed of yeast extracellular metabolism, variant medium after fermentation and few yeast cells without any activity.

    By Beijing Enhalor International Tech Co., Ltd. based in Haidian District, CHINA. from Ruminants Product line

  • GreyFLEX - Flexible Free Stall

    When uncomfortable stalls cause cows to stand too long – it affects their natural behaviour cycle.  Once they finally dare to settle, they will then remain lying down for longer periods.  This then affects their feed and water intake, consuming less but in larger proportions with less overall dry matter consumption. ...

    By GreyFLEX based in ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Gold Ribbon - Non-Medicated High Quality Electrolyte Supplement

    Gold Ribbon is a non-medicated high quality electrolyte supplement for nutritional support in non-ruminating calves.

    By Calva Products Inc based in Acampo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Preventative Products Product line

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