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  • Bypass Fat Powders for Ruminants
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    Bypass Fat Powders for Ruminants

    By Berg + Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG

    In our efforts to achieve a high C-16 content we made an important innovative step forward. Refined palm oil is split up into its various fatty acids by physical means. Without hardening – and therefore without ...

  • HR LD System
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    HR LD System

    By SCR - Allflex Group

    The SCR Heatime® HR System is a standalone, long-distance, terminal-based system that provides a complete reproduction and health monitoring solution, with no PC required. It comprises robust, multi-functional neck tags ...

  • Standardised Natural Plant
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    Standardised Natural Plant

    By EW Nutrition GmbH

    Blend of selected standardised natural plant extracts, zinc chelates, essential oils, yeast cell walls and minerals to support animal performance (especially for dairy).