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  • How to speed up composting

    How to speed up composting

    How to Speed up Composting Composting is a natural process. You can say it’s the most important recycling process in the ecosystem. Every living thing on the planet eventually dies and breaks down into soil to help new plant life (and, subsequently, every other living thing) flourish.  By learning about the key factors in making fast ...

  • Seasonality & optimal calf care

    Seasonality & optimal calf care

    Changing seasons, and challenging seasonal extremes (cold, heat and humidity), add extra challenges for a young calf and the caregivers management must be dynamic in order to provide optimal care. A ...


  • Reference: goat stable in the Netherlands

    Reference: goat stable in the Netherlands

    JH Automatic bedding distribution system in a goat stable in the Netherlands. This farmer has expanded his existing goat stable with another one, to a total of 1.200 goats. He has chosen to install a JH system consisting of two robots – one ...

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