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TMR feeding equipment for Livestock

  • Libra TMR - Mounts Directly Device

    Designed for the rugged agricultural environment, the Libra TMR device mounts directly on the mixer and connects to any industry-standard load cells for quick and easy installation. Our design can handle extreme temperatures, vibration, mud, sun, rain and snow.

    By Agrimatics based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Fresh-Guard - Liquid Supplement

    Microbes and molds become active in the exposed layer of stored forages and high moisture grains when days are longer and warmer. This seeds your TMR with increasing numbers of active organisms, which consume nutrients that should go to your cows. Their activity generates undesirable heat, odors, and tastes in the TMR, which reduce intake. ...

    By Westway Feed Products LLC based in Tomball, TEXAS (USA). from Specialty Product line

  • Smart Feeding Technology

    SILOKING presents the self-propelled feed mixer SILOKING SelfLine Smart 5 for the first time. The width of the new self-propelled is only 2.06 me-tres. This makes for easy and low-cost mechanising and optimising of feeding, even in barns with cramped conditions and narrow feed tables. So, the SelfLine Smart 5 offers the perfect entry into TMR ...

    By Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH based in Tittmoning, GERMANY.

  • Controlling and Recording Feed Intake (CRFI)

    BioControl’s CRFI is designed for research centers and the demanding dairy and beef farms that want optimal control and insight in animal feed intake. The system is very versatile and can be extended with recording of animal weight and water intake. Modules of the CRFI-system can also be implemented: only access control gates or only ...

    By BioControl AS based in Rakkestad, NORWAY.

  • Portable Bunk Feeder

    Feeds round bales, square bales, grain, silage & TMR (6’ width required for large round bales). Constructed of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel. Complete “T” frame undercarriage. Tight cornering front dolly. Telescopic quick hitch tongue. Rear door allows for quick & easy clean out. Single axle with 4,000 pound, 6 bolt hubs ...

    By John BM Manufacturing Inc based in St Clement, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Feeder Wagons Product line

  • QLF - Model 15 Base 3.0 - Liquid Feed Nutrients Supplemental

    QLF Optimizer 15 base 3.0 is designed to provide supplemental nutrients needed in lactating cow TMR diets with a forage base of approximately 72:25 Haylage:Corn Silage.

    By Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF) based in Dodgeville, WISCONSIN (USA). from Dairy - Optimizers Product line

  • Takakita - Model MR-820・MR1000(R) - Round Baler for Chopped Material

    This machine was developed at the request of the Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “21st Century Urgent Project.” The Livestock Grand Prize is sponsored by the Japan Livestock Industry Association to recognize cases that have social ...

    By Takakita Co., Ltd. based in Nabari City, JAPAN. from Shredded Material Baling Product line

  • Schuler - Model 6520 Series - Vertical Mixer

    The Schuler vertical feed mixer offers management versatility to the cattle feeder. You decide to: process bales of hay, straw, cornstalks in the mixer as the 1st step in mixing a TMR with other ingredients; or mix all pre-processed feedstuffs for feedlot finishing rations; or mix all the ration combinations in between. No other mixing concept ...

    By Schuler Mfg. & Equip. Co. Inc. based in Griswold, IOWA (USA). from Single Vertical Mixers Product line

  • Evolution - Double Augers Diet Mixers

    Double augers EVOLUTION series is dedicated for farms consisting of dozen up to almost hundred cows.  The offer starts from 6 m3 to 16 m3. Three different combinations of dimensions are included in each particular capacity in order to find  accurate solution. While it is not enough, Alima designers and fitters build machines to suit ...

    By A-Lima-Bis Ltd. based in Środa Wielkopolska, POLAND. from Diet Mixers Product line

  • NDE - Model 1402, 1402H - Side Door Vertical TMR Mixer

    Capacity: 350 cu. ft. The 1402H represents a heavy duty version. It features 1/4 inch tub walls and 5/8 inch auger flighting. Plus has the capacity for up to 9 knives.

    By Cloverdale Equipment, LLC. based in Curtiss, WISCONSIN (USA). from Vertical TMR Mixers - NDE Product line

  • Bovine BlueLite - Vitamins

    Hydration is the key component for health and profitability. For over twenty years, Bovine BlueLite has been the first choice for cattle in the feedyard to provide specific electrolytes, multiple energy sources, and essential vitamins and nutrients. Decades of field studies have shown that Bovine BlueLite is an effective way to ensure that cattle ...

    By TechMix, LLC based in Stewart, MINNESOTA (USA). from Beef Cattle Product line

  • Double Bar Feeder Wagon

    Feeds round bales, square bales, grain, silage & TMR. Constructed of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel. Complete “T” frame undercarriage. Tight cornering front dolly. Telescopic quick hitch tongue. “V” floor design ensures easy feed flow to outside of pan. Single axle with 4,000 pound, 6 bolt hubs & spindles. Tandem axle ...

    By John BM Manufacturing Inc based in St Clement, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Feeder Wagons Product line

  • Alkastraw - Mixing Harvested Straw

    Alkastraw can be produced by mixing harvested straw with Home n’ Dry – whether it’s straw remaining from either Alkagrain®, ‘head cut’ Alkalage production or using chopped straw. Alkastraw is produced by mixing chopped straw with Home n’ Dry and clamping. Once the ammonia has been released from the Home ...

    By FiveF Alka Ltd based in Clitheroe, UNITED KINGDOM. from Farm Feeds Product line

  • Farmco - Model 200 Series - Cattle Feeders

    The 200 Series cattle feeders are a cost effective alternative to the four-wheeled 400 Series feeder wagons if a more stationary placement is acceptable. Like the 400 Series the 200 Series feeders are designed to efficiently feed TMR or chopped green feeds. This feeder is built with efficiency of feeding and safety for the animal in mind. With a ...

    By Farmco Manufacturing based in Ronks, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Cattle Feeders Product line

  • John Shepherd - J Bar Diagonal Open Base Feeder

    The open base feeders are a bottomless feeder with the option of having hinged sides or TMR to accomodate a feeding wagon.

    By John Shepherd Feeders based in Shepton Mallet, UNITED KINGDOM. from Open Base Feeders Product line

  • Delivery System

    FSI has built forage boxes for over thirty years, it isn't uncommon to see 20 year old units still feeding cows. FSI, has utilized 30 years of experience combined with new components and design to produce a new series. Today not only is equipment bigger and used more frequently, down time must be kept to a minimum. The performance & ...

    By FSI Fabrication Inc. based in Sunnyside, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model TMR - Precision Feeding System

    Monitor feed weighing, mixing, delivering in real time to lower error. Accurate feed delivery monitoring ensures better nutrient balancing. The parlor module connected with feeding management, calculates feed cost per kg milk. Applicable to various TMR brands.

    By Beijing Goke Agriculture Machinary Co. Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Smart Farming Product line

  • Dunker - Model STV Series - Vertical Stationary TMR Feeding Machine

    Vertical stationary TMR feeding machine Dunker STV series.

    By Beijing Goke Agriculture Machinary Co. Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Cattle and Cow Products Product line

  • Roto Grind - Grind Dairy Technology

    New technology allows the ROTO GRIND to grind dairy quality alfalfa to a longer, coarser length without powdering the leaves. High capacity with as little as 65 H.P. can be expected. With minor changes, the ROTO GRIND can also grind other forages and grains. Payoffs are high when you can grind poorer quality hay to blend into a ration for your dry ...

    By Burrows Enterprises, Inc. based in Greeley, COLORADO (USA).

  • Ration Guard - Dry Granular

    Heat is the enemy!! Keep your TMRs cool with Ration Guard. Ration Guard can keep TMRs cool for up to 24 hours. Cooler TMRs means more intake which means more milk, more beef! No fumes, no foul odor, makes Ration Guard easy to work with and easy to use.

    By International Stock Foods, LLC. based in Marietta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

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