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  • France: DryExactpro dry feeding system for 1,600 weaners - Case Study

    Big Dutchman pig equipment and feeding systems are used on pig farms in more than 100 countries on all five continents. Naturally, this includes the "End of the Earth", and for good reason: French department no. 29, Finistère, derives its name from the Latin "Finis Terrae" and is the westernmost corner of Brittany, i.e. right where France drops into the Atlantic Ocean. It has much ...


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  • For Piglet Rearing

    For Piglet Rearing

    Main advantages: ad libitum dry feeder for weaners from 6 to 30 kg; with 2 to 6 feeding spaces arranged on one or on both sides (4 to 12 feeding spaces); made of plastic with a stainless steel edge in the trough area; height: 740 mm; the amount of feed to be fed can be adjusted easily.