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  • For Piglet Rearing
    Showcase Product

    For Piglet Rearing

    By Big Dutchman

    Main advantages: ad libitum dry feeder for weaners from 6 to 30 kg; with 2 to 6 feeding spaces arranged on one or on both sides (4 to 12 feeding spaces); made of plastic with a stainless steel edge in the trough area; ...

  • 48` Bent Pipe
    Showcase Product

    48` Bent Pipe

    By SMB Manufacturing Inc.

    48” Bent Cup Bowl Pipe only for CB-WF and CB-S kits.

  • Wean-to-Finish
    Showcase Product


    By Big Dutchman

    Main advantages: ad libitum wean-to-finish dry feeder (from 6 kg onwards); with a pig feeding place ratio of 6:1 to 10:1* for an economic utilization of barn space; made of stainless steel, height: 770 mm, width: 1275 ...

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  • Hampel Corporation

    Hampel Corporation

    Calf-Tel manufactured its first calf hutch in 1981. Since then, more dairy producers and calf raisers have chosen Calf-Tel calf hutches over any ...

  • Reed Mariculture Inc.

    Reed Mariculture Inc.

    Reed Mariculture is the world`s largest producer of marine microalgae concentrates. Our Instant Algae® larviculture feeds are used by over 500 ...

  • Hamilton Distributing Co.

    Hamilton Distributing Co.

    Hamilton Distributing is a thriving, growing company. As Michigan’s premier agricultural supplier located in Hamilton, Michigan, we have been serving ...

  • Ecological Agriculture Australia Association

    Ecological Agriculture Australia Association

    The EAAA performs a function not met by other farmer entities. Its base line reflects an ecological approach to food and fibre production. We are not ...

  • Primo Aquaculture

    Primo Aquaculture

    Primo Aquaculture - suppliers to the Professional Aquaculture Industry in Australia for more than 20 years. Ordering product from our aquaculture ...