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International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation (IJPTI)

Investments in postharvest research/infrastructure can yield high rates of return comparable to - and often higher than - investments in on-farm production. IJPTI offers innovative research findings and industry best practices on postharvest handling techniques, agro-processing and marketing of food and biological products of plant and animal origin. It addresses scientific/engineering/technological/policy/developmental issues regarding postharvest management aimed at reducing food losses, maintenance and assurance of product quality, safety and traceability, highlighting postharvest innovation and knowledge/technology transformation into useful products/services in agri-food/biological industries.
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  • Effects of preharvest management on postharvest quality
  • Maturity assessment and prediction
  • Product quality, safety, control
  • Postharvest pathology, disease control, treatments, value-addition
  • Food traceability, identity preservation: policy, legislation, enabling technologies
  • ICT in postharvest management
  • Education/training methods for sustainable postharvest development
  • Innovative packaging and storage technology: controlled/modified atmospheres
  • Instrumentation/control systems, postharvest laboratory standards/accreditation
  • Agro-processing, incl. minimal processing, handling systems, damage reduction
  • Assessment/reduction of postharvest losses
  • Cool-chain management, drying technology, kinetics
  • Agri-food trade and market access, functional foods and human health
  • Impacts/benefits of postharvest research, emerging/novel technologies
  • Postharvest project design/management/evaluation, case studies, best practice


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International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation (IJPTI)

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