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From the time The Land was founded in 1911, it has served the people of rural Australia. The Land is unique as a newspaper. Not only is it the principal carrier of information to people whose life and work revolve around the land; it is also these people's voice. Through generations of struggle, booms, triumphs, droughts, floods, bumper crops and good times, The Land has been a vital organ in reflecting the views, triumphs, grievances and opinions of country people. It has been a conduit for sending messages back to the cities and to the politicians whose decisions influence country people's destinies, and a forum for debate on a host of rural and agricultural issues.

The paper has consistently championed the cause of a fair share of the national "cake" for rural Australia, and a decent living standard for the family farmer - the backbone of the rural economy.

As well as its weekly news section, agribusiness, farming, machinery, livestock, regional, magazine and markets sections provide informative reading, while new features are continually being added to cover the diversity of rural and country life.

These include a number of lift-out specials covering Royal Shows,education, agricultural field days, machinery guides, industry conferences and mail order guides.

And the horse enthusiast is catered for via our weekly pleasure horse and Thoroughbred sections that include weekend country race results.

The Land`s classified advertising section is commonly regarded as the premier market place for used machinery and farm plant, rural employment, and other requirements.

There`s also an outstanding properties for sale section.

An important and keenly read section of The Land is its Market Guide, which provides readers with comprehensive reports and analysis on livestock, wool, grain and other commodities, as well as a summary of what`s happening weather wise.

The Land is serviced by a network of editorial representatives based throughout NSW, as well as its head office at North Richmond.

They are backed up by specialist writers in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, who cover the national and State political scene.

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