A Drop in Feed Prices Predicted – Molasses Storage Tanks



Farming UK has delivered promising news this week for farmers, and that’s of predictions by a leading analyst from a principal European Bank.  Nan-Dirk Mulder of Rabobank expects feed prices to fall, despite the recent rise in grain prices as sparked by the crisis in the Ukraine.  Prices of wheat, corn and soya (which has experienced some of it’s highest prices recently) will fall over the next 12 months.  He does warn though that prices will remain volatile and there is still a threat to prices from the political crisis in Ukraine and from possibly poor weather in the United States.

A safeguard we have mentioned in recent posts refers to a tactic that many dairy farmers are considering now that their EU Milk Quotas are due to be abolished next year.  As that is the implementation of molasses into animal feed to provide much needed protein into their herd’s diet.

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