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Hod Hasharon, Israel, December 4, 2016: Now more than ever, using fertilizers responsibly is vital for growers to maximize crop yields, boost profits, save costs, and preserve the natural environment. SMART Fertilizer Management aims to help farmers and crop advisers achieve all their objectives efficiently and responsibly, with the latest in digital crop technology.

This groundbreaking software platform is proven to help farmers save fertilizer expenditures, experience higher crop yields in a consistent manner, avoid waste and stand out from their competitors in the industry.

Recently, the CEO and VP of Business Development of SMART Fertilizer Management, Ing. Guy Sela, and Mr. Tal Amram visited United States to meet the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and National Soybean Growers Association. These new connections in the United States agricultural sector were paired with meetings with several corn associations, customers, prospects and other possible partners.

As these new connections and partners can attest, SMART Fertilizer Management can provide sustainable and precise recommendations for any crop.

A data-driven approach—which can be made legible to agriculturalists in actionable reports—can find the perfect combination of fertilizers, application rates, fertilizing schedule based on corn growth stages, accurate plant tissue analysis and comprehensive and effective soil test interpretations, all of which ensure growth and success in both crops and in revenue.

The individuals behind SMART Fertilizer Management are passionate and eager to reach anyone who is engaged in farming. Give them a call now before making a decision that can affect your crop yields, and get the science and data to make the best choice.

About SMART Fertilizer Management
SMART Fertilizer Management has been serving clients—and growing—since 2014. The firm now delivers services in 62 countries around the world. The SMART software platform can decrease production expenses, while delivering higher quality and better yields. With the use of the most recent technological advances in agriculture, SMART Fertilizer Management can help revive the agriculture sector, and protect the environment too.

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