Agri-Tech Week – Precision Inputs of Fertiliser and Water Explored



With British farming contributing £103 billion to the UK economy each year and providing over 3.8 million jobs, pioneering agricultural innovation organisation, Agri-Tech East hosts Agri-Tech Week this week which looks at ways in which the UK can reap rich harvest from agricultural innovation.

The week began at Rothamsted Research with an introduction to the new AgriMetrics Centre, which will provide a single portal to all publicly available data relevant to the whole-food system. A subject we’ve covered in the past, Tuesday saw an event at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing at the University of Lincoln. It provided a platform to discuss the university’s research into emerging technologies, including robotics.

Wednesday saw Agri-Tech East’s REAP conference. It focussed on “Resilience Through Innovation” and acknowledged the need to manage uncertainty, to improve forecasting and prediction, and to increase the precision in which inputs such as fertiliser and water are delivered. This is of course something we are particularly keen to stay abreast of, especially as we supply rainwater harvesting tank solutions and liquid fertiliser storage tanks to the agricultural sector.

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