BACKHUS Series 21


Source: Eggersmann GmbH

Edewecht, Munich, November 4, 2010 – Shortly after celebrating their 25th anniversary, BACKHUS EcoEngineers will be launching a new series of turners, the BACKHUS 21 series. With the new machines, the world’s leading company for turners is reacting to the growing demands in the composting sector. In their 25 years in the composting business, BACKHUS EcoEngineers have succeeded in developing a standardized solution for nearly every problem. As always, quality was given highest priority when developing the new BACKHUS 21 series. Above all, the new options not only mean that the machines can be operated ecologically but that they are more versatile and efficient.


With the new 21 series there are now numerous additional options for efficient composting. One of these options is BTC: BACKHUS Track Control. BTC automatically controls the optimal feed rate for a predetermined amount. In this way the so-called “reproducible speed” is reached: the addition of admixtures during each turning operation is set at exactly the same amount.


The BMS – the BACKHUS Management System – allows the turner to work ecologically. The BMS keeps the six-cylinder engines running at the lowest consumption rate. The hydraulic systems ensure that the drum and feeder operate at full capacity even if the powerful engine is running at a reduced speed. Valuable resources can thus be preserved and emission values reduced.


Another feature, the Enclosure Unit, reduces dust and odour. The cover winder speeds up the outdoor composting process and increases the temperature at the windrows. For optimizing functionality on landfills, BACKHUS has integrated the Landfill Version into the 21 series. Track clearers optimize the intake of the material to be composted. In addition, BACKHUS provides various wheel options for optimal mobility and traction on any surface.


For BACKHUS, flexibility and diversity are also important quality features. Various types of rotors are therefore available for all kinds of applications and their requirements. Another option, the BACKHUS Irrigation System, controls the humidity of the rotting material. The fine spraying device on the tank ensures the precise distribution of the concentrate. The hose drum, which can be mounted directly on to the machine, ensures an optimal water supply. The machine operator can at all times control the water supply and drum action by remote control. A mobile cabin provides safe access for the driver and, finally, makes the turner easy to transport.


With the new 21 series, Friedrich Backhus, owner and CEO of BACKHUS EcoEngineers, is reacting to the growing demands of his clients: “With these new options, the machines of BACKHUS EcoEngineers will in future be even better equipped to meet the demands and requirements of our customers. And, with this new range of machines and the variety of different options, there is a higher flexibility and versatility of the turner assured.”


About Backhus EcoEngineers

BACKHUS EcoEngineers was founded in 1985. The world market leader of individual solutions for composting provides 750 machines. Beginning with producing and selling composting material, the founder and owner of the firm, Friedrich Backhus, creates a machine revolutionizing the composting branch: the first turner was born. Meanwhile Backhus is the world market leader for turners.

Backhus stands for long-term and enduring relationships and creates economical and ecological effective project concepts. BACKHUS takes the challenges of a global society and changing world. The aim of the BACKHUS EcoEngineers is to improve the quality of life within the society and at local, national, and international level


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