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BASF and Joraform Worldwide Cooperation Agreement


Source: Joraform AB

BASF and Joraform has recently signed a worldwide cooperation agreement focused on promoting each other’s products. Joraform the world leader of local composting has executed a series of tests on biodegradable cups, plates and biobags made from BASF´s ecovio compound.

These tests has taken place in Joraform’s testing facility in Sweden in the JK5100 compost machine, and the excellent results shows that the cups, plates and biobags composts very rapidly together with ordinary food waste.

The results are very positive and shows that certified compostable products and materials will completely biodegrade in the Joraform compost machine, leaving nothing but small amounts of CO2, water and biomass. BASF and Joraform has together arranged a Joraform JK5100 automatic composting machine which is fitted on a trailer and will be on a roadshow to start with throughout Germany

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