Beet your Molasses requirements with dedicated Molasses Tanks



Towards the end of the summer, attention gradually shifts towards providing for livestock throughout the winter months, and along with the impending beet crops, the production and storage of molasses is once more back on the agenda.

Across many livestock and dairy farms, molasses forms the basis of numerous feed formulas. As we all know, molasses provide a number of core nutrients for cattle and livestock making it the ideal base for adding a plethora of additional feeds to. A by-product of a number of crops, the safe storage of molasses is imperative in order to maintain its quality of consistency and nutrients and Enduramaxx has a tank especially for the job!

Enduramaxx molasses tanks protect molasses from spillage and from the elements, thanks to their rugged, hard-wearing design. They’re made from a single piece of rotationally-moulded, ribbed UV-stabilised polyethylene. This means that they don’t rot or corrode, are impact resistant and so long lasting that they are even guaranteed.

Enduramaxx molasses tanks store molasses in volumes ranging from 150 litres through to 30,000 litres, ensuring that herds have ample supplies throughout the coming months.

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