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Benefits of Black Worm Castings, VermaPlex, and Organic Fertilizers


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Over the last couple of years, organic fertilizers such as Black Worm Castings, VermaPlex Specialty Fertilizer, Black Sea Kelp, Coral Calcium, Hydrolyzed Fish, and Liquid Humate Plus, have become increasingly popular. As gardeners and farmers realize the amazing benefits of these amendments, many stores have started selling them, but the quality and affordability of Vermitechnology can not be matched.

Why Are Black Worm Castings So Amazing?

As worms consume organic materials, they are refined to their most usable forms, minerals, nutrients, and beneficial microbes. Along with a neutral pH of 7.0. They don’t smell and release nitrogen slowly as not to burn plants or need as many applications as non-organic fertilizers.

Organic NZ, reveals the important of microbes, “The role of microbes in making nutrients avialable is so important to plants that they actively nurture the development of rich microbial communities around their roots. The energy rich organic acids released by the root feed the microbial populations, and plants spend from 10 – 90 percent of their energy supporting microbes in this way.Artificial fertilisers and pesticides inhibit or destroy soil microbial life. Clean, organic composts, such as worm castings and other sources of organic matter with microbial activity, enhance soil microbial life.”

Have problems with soil retaining moisture? Black worm castings allow the soil to retain moisture. Consistent moisture keeps the soil from fully drying out.

Worm castings are known as black gold because of the number of beneficial bacteria and microbes they add to the soil. They also contain humid acid, which helps plants absorb vital nutrients. “Researchers worldwide have demonstrated that earthworm castings (vermicompost) have excellent aeration, porosity, structure, drainage, and moisture-holding capacity.” according to a research done by the North Carolina State University. 

Many studies have shown worm castings improve the germination and growth of seedlings. Recent discoveries by scientist are showing worms are aiding the removal of toxins and heavy metals from soil.

Vermitechnology products provide your plants with a nutrient rich, robust environment, able to withstand climate hardships and less likely to be damaged by insects. Our Organic fertilizer is a valuable addition for every soil type and plant situation, from farms, vegetable or flower gardens, to landscaping and lawns.

Contact Vermitechnology, we are proud to offer only the best products at affordable prices.

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