Black Forest Giants captured in 3D

Traditional Forest Management documented with Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Buehl, Germany -- Terrestrial Laser Scanning opens new perspectives into the forest ecosystem, no matter if you want to use it to precisely locate and measure landscape objects or if you want to present the Genius Loci of a Plenterwald with audio-visual effects as demonstrated in this example.

The video clip has been generated from Terrestrial Laser Scanning data of some 150 - 200 year old trees (Abies Alba and Picea Abies) growing in a traditionally manged and privately owned 'Plenterwald' forest in the Black Forest Mountain Range in Southwest Germany.
Such a 'Plenterwald' is an old sylvicultural forest management system based on individual tree selection. It is very close to nature and typical for privately owned farm forests in the Black Forest. Other Plenterwald forests are growing in Switzerland and Austria.

The biggest tree, a White Fir (Abies Alba), is 45 m high and its stem has a diameter at breast height of 1.32 m (perimeter: 4.15 m). The estimated tree volume is about 25 cubic meters and therefore more than 12 times bigger than a normal mature conifer tree in Germany.

The point cloud and its colour values had been recorded in November 2013 by means of a FARO Focus 3D Scanner and a Stonex GNSS device to geo-reference the data.

All data is available in LAS format and can be used to locate each point in real world coordinates, measure distances, tree perimeters and volume, etc. with a cm accuracy.

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