Boom sprayers preferred by wheatsheaf farming – liquid fertiliser tanks at the ready!



As we approach growing season, the focus of attention in farming shifts towards fertiliser and Farmers Weekly explains how one farm believes that boom sprayers can boost fertilizer accuracy.  The piece explains how disc spreaders have come a long way in recent years.  However, they fail to provide the accuracy that some growers need and many are shifting to boom sprayers instead.  This was certainly the case for David Miller of Wheatsheaf Farming, an organisation that farms more than 1,500ha, growing wheat for bread-making and biscuits, along with spring barley, winter barley and oilseed rape.

At a recent partners’ farm tour the company debated yellowing and fall-off in plant height around the edges of cereal crops.  Not only a cosmetic issue, it was clearly impacting on yield in the areas affected.  This prompted Wheatsheaf Farming to reconsider its 2t capacity twin-disc spreader.  Although the company found disc spreaders to be more accurate around their spreading width than they used to be, spreading around field perimeters still results in poor spray patterns.  With boom sprayers, the company found spreading is effective across 24 metres to the line at the correct rate across the complete width.

But one thing is for sure as we approach growing season, liquid fertiliser tanks are an asset to any grower wanting to store large volumes of pre-mixed fertiliser.  Large volumes of bulk-bought fertiliser can be stored in a pre-mixed state, safe from the elements and ready for the exact moment it’s needed.  To find out more, get in touch now!

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