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Branding Update for MilkSampler


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The Ambic MilkSampler has been given a ‘facelift’ to strengthen its corporate identity by adding the Ambic logo to the Milk Sampler bottle, as illustrated below. This improvement follows the upgrade of the Milk Sampler with the ultra-sonic welding of the cap to improve the sealing of the unit over a range of operating conditions. Samplers shipped from early August will feature the new design.

The Ambic MilkSampler has proven to be a very popular herd management tool which is ideal for checking the constituents of milk, such as protein levels, for determining somatic cell counts and for taking Bactoscan measurements.

It is ideally suited to the NMR Essential Sampling Service in the UK as well as for comparable schemes that operate in a number of markets.

Read more about the MilkSampler here

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