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Call for proposals for the award of grants for the celebration of World Olive Day 2016 on 26 November


Source: International Olive Council (IOC)

The Executive Secretariat is pleased to announce that it intends to award grants to finance programmes for the celebration of World Olive Day 2016 in IOC member countries. These grants will be awarded within the limits of the approved budget and will be for events and activities carried out between 23 and 30 November 2016. Application dossiers must arrive at the Executive Secretariat by 14 October at the latest and contain the application form, completed in full, signed and dated, in addition to the other documents mentioned in the call for proposals. The objective of these grants is to provide financial support for initiatives aimed at celebrating World Olive Day, as a joint action by all IOC member countries. All the activities will include a press conference or similar event, designed to publicise World Olive Day as widely as possible. The Executive Secretariat will provide an official declaration to this end, for release in all member countries. Furthermore, the proposed activities may include events or activities such as seminars, trade fairs or symposiums showcasing, among others, the relationship between olive products and health, olive growing and the environment, the history of olive growing and the olive economy; the production of promotional material (brochures, CDs, books, etc.); and the invitation of international experts to take part in the proposed activity.

A maximum amount of €4000 (per grant and country) has been fixed for IOC grant awards for the celebration of World Olive Day, which may not represent more than 50% of the activity’s total budget. Applications will be examined on a first-come-first-served basis.

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