Combining Tradition and Innovation - A Mind for Change


Source: DEWESoft

Petra Skarja, author and entrepreneur, has visited the place where tradition is intertwined with the most advanced technology. Antique buildings and cutting-edge measuring instruments. Simplicity, homeliness, and at the same time high-level entrepreneurship. An industrial workshop with heavy machinery on the top of a mountain. Boštjan Petek is a farmer and workshop manager, who combines traditional values and incredibly creative ideas. 

Driving on the narrow road in the hills, past farms and forgotten old houses, in a sharp turn around a number of bales ... And when I think we are lost ... we arrive at one of Dewesoft’s most special places. For newcomer unusual, for foreign partners fascinating, for Dewesoft indispensable - production in the hills under the guidance of Boštjan Petek, a man of good work ethics and countless ideas.