Cornell Edge up for New Product Contest at the IA Show


Source: Cornell Pump Company

Cornell presented our case for why the Edge should be considered the New Product of the Year for the irrigation industry today, at the IA Show in Austin, TX.

With up to 79 percent efficiency, two model sizes, improved mechanical design, and cross functionality with existing installations, the Edge End Gun Booster is in the running for the award.

Edge Brochure

'The Edge fits a real need,' said Bob Jansen, Cornell's Agricultural Manager, 'It is high efficiency, cost effective, and works on many systems.'

The Cornell Edge End Gun Booster Pump is used on pivot irrigation systems to increase water coverage to corners. Traditional pivots rotate around a center point; as such they will water in a circular pattern. By attaching a booster pump and a sprinkler to the end of the pivot, most of the corners of the field can also be irrigated, increasing yields. The Edge is very efficient at pumping the water into the corners. It has design modifications that make it robust, a specially designed motor, and long warranty.

And, there are dealer incentives right now on the Edge - the more that are purchased, the greater the amount of Cabela's gift cards a dealer can earn. Learn about the promotion here [link.]

Cornell hopes to win at the IA Show, but being considered is a great honor as well. Judging will be announced on Thursday November 7, 2013.

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