DP MP Highlights Need For Westminster Action On Falling Milk Prices



Dairy farmers across the UK have been affected by global milk process drops, largely accountable to the fact that global production has been extremely strong, while demands from large consumers, such as China, have fallen, according to Farming Life.

Farming Life reveals how DUP MP, David Simpson, visited Fane Valley Co-op in Northern Ireland to discuss a wide variety of issues facing the Northern Irish dairy sector and the UK as a whole. Mr. Simpson also announced that he had requested a meeting with new DEFRA secretary, Liz Truss, in order to raise the issues as a matter of urgency.

Simpson expresses that farm gate prices on milk have been falling for months now and that an imbalance in supply and demand are to blame. As well as Chinese demands dropping, the Russian import ban has added uncertainty, creating market imbalance across Europe. He believes that buyers are ‘sitting back and waiting on the market to find a bottom, he told Farming Life.

Whilst dairy farmers will be trying to claw back savings from every viable avenue, rainwater tanks are one such option. Large capacity plastic water tanks capture huge volumes of dairy roof run-off, storing water in rugged, rotationally moulded, single piece, UV-stabilised polyethylene. Rainwater is kept safe and in pristine condition to be used for watering herds and cleaning, amongst other uses.

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