Fertiliser Advancements and Enduramaxx Liquid Fertiliser Tanks



Farming UK this week reports on a promising advancement in fertilizer that could see farmers slash fertiliser costs, boost yields and protect the environment following the launch of a new nitrogen-fixing bacteria mix.

The fertiliser is a combination of nitrogen-fixing and nutrient-solubilising bacteria and fixes atmospheric nitrogen, turning it into a usable source for the crop.  The fertiliser can be applied to either organic or conventional systems and when applied with half rates of applied nitrogen, has boosted yields by up to 17 per cent in oat crops.

Liquid fertiliser needs storing correctly and Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are manufactured in a very robust uv-stabilised polyethylene.  This means that farmers will not suffer wastage and can bulk buy fertiliser, with Endramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks ranging up to 30,000 litre capacity.

To learn more about storing liquid fertilizer and the wider range of Enduramaxx plastic water tanks, rainwater harvesting tanks, vertical rainwater tanks and potable tanks, please get in touch to speak to a member of our team.


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