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Haifa Group Introduces a Mobile App Supporting Growers` Fertigation Practice


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FertiMatch app assists growers in calculating and preparing fertilizer solutions for Fertigation
The FertiMatch™ app helps the grower determine the right amount of fertilizers needed for a desired composition. The grower inserts details regarding his Fertigation control head, chooses a reference element and concentration and the fertilizer (Haifa or other). The output provides the fertilizer quantity needed and the concentration of elements in the irrigation water.
FertiMatch™ runs on iOS (iPhone http://bit.ly/1ffCGVT, iPad http://bit.ly/1f3uebz) and Android (http://bit.ly/1cy7Bc4). Soon it will be available for Windows phone.
'With FertiMatch™ we make the task of calculating the amount of fertilization a simple process. Offering this auxiliary tool through mobile devices ensures that it can be accessed by anyone who needs it directly, anytime, anywhere', said Yoav Ronen, Haifa Group Water Soluble Marketing Manager.
FertiMatch™ joins Haifa growing mobile application store. The store already includes FloraMatch™ that plans controlled release nutrition for professional nurseries and the recently launched Haifa mobile Website.
The mobile website provides mobile users with instant and friendly access to Haifa's Agriculture Knowledge Sharing website optimized for smartphones and tablets. The content-rich mobile website offers immediate access to important information growers and agri professionals need while on the go.
'The addition of these applications to our portfolio is one more expression of our ongoing commitment to support growers to improve their practice and maximize their crop yield and quality. It is another realization of our 'Farmer's Mind' value proposition', said Ron Seligmann, Chief Agronomist & Knowledge Manager.

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