ICL Water Solutions supports project for sustainable irrigation management in Zimbabwe

Source: Kurita

New possibilities of cultivation and water provision for a better future

December 2014 -- We continue to support humanitarian actions related to water in Africa. This year we focus our support on a sustainable irrigation project. Target group are 1,540 farmer families including sugar cane farmers and surrounding communities in the Runde region, Zimbabwe, Africa.
We partnered with CARE, a well-established international non-governmental organization (NGO) with a long presence in Zimbabwe, both at national level and in the cane growing area.

The aim of the project is to support the sugar cane production in the Runde region. Erosion, siltation and accretion of watercourses and dams have negative impact on the agricultural production and existence of the inhabitants, and thus need to be prevented.

Sustainable water management is one of the key to improve the situation for farmer families in this area. In conjunction with the local population resources are to be managed and sustainable methods of cultivation are supposed to be implemented.

To secure a sustainable water utilization of the farmers in the Runde area the focus is water management. For this purpose both trainings of irrigation groups within water management and education of irrigation committees within the control and measurement of water usage in the region is conducted. Additionally, trainings for farmers of enlightenment of water cost cuts and irrigation systems are to be supplied.
The project supported by the European Union has been running since 01.12.2013, scheduled for 36 months.

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