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John Deere Introduces Narrower Stick Booms for M-Series Tracked Harvesters


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MOLINE, Ill. -- To help loggers maximize timber quality, John Deere has upgraded its harvester stick boom attachment across all 800MH- and 900MH-Series tracked harvesters. The new stick boom geometry delivers the same high level of boom envelope performance, but with a narrower design to help operators minimize damage to harvested trees.  

'Avoiding unnecessary damage to harvested trees while operating out in the field has always been a major concern for the industry. When tree damage occurs, it greatly reduces the value of the logs,' said Brandon O'Neal, Global Product Marketing Manager, John Deere. 'The narrower boom allows loggers to significantly reduce boom to tree contact, resulting in higher quality logs and a better bottom line.'

The new boom stick is 122mm (4.8 inches) narrower at the attachment end than the existing booms, reducing contact with the harvested tree. This narrower boom uses the standard Waratah supplied dogbone adapter for traditional external hose routing. A new, narrower cradle supplied by Waratah will continue to offer customers with an optional through-the-nose plumbing solution.

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