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Kiverco unveils its Backbone in Waste Composting


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Two waste and recycling experts have joined forces to protect the environment and create resources for future generations.

Two waste and recycling experts have joined forces to protect the environment and create resources for future generations following the installation of a Kiverco waste screening plant at EnVar’s organic waste treatment site in Cambridgeshire.

EnVar is the UK's largest waste in-vessel and windrow composting facility and currently recycles food waste and green waste, co-mingled food and green waste and specific organic waste.  With 30 years’ experience in composting, EnVar works with a number of Local Authorities to achieve key performance indicator targets and is therefore well placed to understand what processes they need to follow to ensure preparation of the highest quality products

In July 2014, the local Kiverco Area Sales Manager, JP Devlin, met with Neil Pickard, then Executive Director of Envar, to discuss the company’s requirements.  The Kiverco customer journey always starts with a detailed review of the client’s present activities and crucially, further consideration of the outcomes the client is looking for. This approach is critically important and enables Kiverco to gain the best possible understanding of the customer’s present and future needs. During this process, Kiverco carried out tests on the input material, so as to clearly understand its composition and the results gained when making their final proposals.  After detailed discussions focusing on building a plant that would deliver on energy efficiency and good throughput of materials, the Kiverco installation team arrived on site and installed the plant within three weeks, keeping lost production to an absolute minimum. The Kiverco waste screening plant was unveiled on the EnVar site in St. Ives in September 2015. The plant now contributes towards the site processing significantly increased volumes of food and green waste per year, as part of the national effort to recycle these valuable waste products

The Kiverco plant was custom made for EnVar to split material into different fractions that could be used as a final product and thus diverted from landfill. It incorporates a significant number of elements - a large capacity dosing hopper, 1 oversize vibrating waste screen, 1 combi waste screen, 2 no density separators, 3 magnetic belts, picking stations, de-stoner belts, electrical control room, generator, a large capacity fuel tank and various conveyors to process green waste and produce a quality, PAS 100 & CQP certified soil conditioner for the agriculture and amateur horticultural markets.

This is the first plant that Kiverco has built for EnVar and is an excellent example of the waste and recycling machinery Kiverco engineers/designs/manufactures in Northern Ireland.  

John Lines, Sales and Marketing Director of Kiverco said: “It is always a pleasure to work with our customers and see in action the differences that our plant can make to the waste management process. As a company we strive to minimise the amount of waste that is sent to landfill and we are committed to supporting EnVar’s technical knowledge and practical expertise in producing top quality compost.”

Colin Speller, Managing Director of the ADAS Group, EnVar’s parent company, said: “The installation of the Kiverco plant has contributed considerably to the increased operation of our site as more waste is recycled and processed. The scale of the plant and its multiple elements make it a valuable asset for EnVar.”

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