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Mahua trees and Pongamia trees In India


Source: MGR Jatropha Biodiesel Project

Tree-born-oil seeds

This plant line is from 2011. 1.3.2011 at Sivakasi In Tamilnadu. -- we have small farm of 3 acres. i have planted mahua trees and Pongamia trees after i got failure in Jatropha.India , the growing jatropha isa total failure. Jatropha will take more water and it has got toxic effects on the fruits and oil cake is with Phorbol esters which is highly toxic. so we have dropped Jatropha instead we have adopted Mahua and pongamia trees which are so native to India.

D1 oils from Uk and Mission Biofuels from Malaysia area big failure. now SG biofuels are trying to enter India thro Bharth Petroleum...we are requesting govt of India to get the Biodiversity apprioval before wasting millions of acres into Jatropha plantations.

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