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Maja automatic – Cherry on top


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Sour cherries, plums, apples and olives shaker and cleaning machine

Poland is one of the main sour cherry producer in Europe and on the world. What do you have to do if want to be successful? Experience, knowledge and appropriate atmospheric conditions is the basis. Innovative approach to carrying out intense cherry orchards and the mechanization of the harvest is also important (cherry harvesters).

Way to success

Sour cherries and other stone fruit producers need high quality machines which above all affect on productivity growth. As a result they make the work more comfortable. It is important at the same time to optimize and facilitate the whole production process. Therefore requisite is field preparation to planting, also the orchard care and harvesting and of course reducing production costs.

Experience and tradition

Certainly, we have met very well our customers’ expectations during almost 40 years of experience in agriculture. Today, as a leader in our industry. As a result we offer the high quality machines. Even more, we meet our customers expectation and accurately hitting their needs.

For the reason that our newest offer for sour cherries and stone fruits producers deserves attention. Shaking and cleaning harvesters MAJA are available from several years. They are valued by customers from Poland and other countries. At the beginning, the offer was directed to the farmers who run their orchards in a traditional way. Today it is also address to those who put on their intensive development.

Solid fundations

MAJA basic version is available in two models. One is shorter and suitable for maximum 4 meters wide screens (designed to work in modern and intense orchards). The second – longer – is designed to maximum 6 meters wide screens (traditional orchards). You can change the screens for wider or narrower according to distance between trees in a row. The screen is folded and unfolded manually and two person are needed to do that. Seems like to be a good solution which several years ago allowed to replace harvesting with usual shaking machines. Fruits were falling on some tarpaulin laid out under the tree. After that, they were manually cleaned and poured into the boxes. Shaker and cleaning machines MAJA allowed above all to reduce the time of harvesting fruits from one tree a lot. Certainly, they improved the quality of fruit and reduced the number of people working during the sour cherries harvesting.

Automatic in the orchard

Is it possible to make more? Yes, of course. Our newest proposition is MAJA AUTOMATIC – cherry harvesterwith the screen folded and unfolded automatically. This solution allows to minimalize number of harvester staff and at the same time increasing work comfort and harvester efficiency shortening single tree picking time. We have many solutions for our customer. The choice of the model depends only on conditions in the orchard where harvester will work and of course on customer preferences.

Telescopic or arched version of cherry harvester

Cherry harvesters  MAJA AUTOMATIC are available with automatic screen folded and unfolded. It can be telescopic (TS) or arched version (LK). Main advantages MAJA AUTOMATIC are adjusted distance between screen guideways and adjusted shaker column position. It allows to adjust the best machine parameters to distance between trees. It is impossible with other similar machines. Both MAJA AUTOMATIC „TS” AND „LK” just like MAJA harvester are available in short and longer version. Most noteworthy is that some extra equipment allows to fit the machine to your needs.

Technology for everyone

As a result, sour cherry charvesters MAJA are the best solution for traditional orchards. Trees grow there in the distance 2-3 meters, their upper branches are dense and they also have thick trunks. Likewise, MAJA is also very good in intense orchard grown in dense row and cut properly to mechanical harvest. Even more you can get if you choose WEREMCZUK offer is consultants help. They have experience and knowledge gained in Poland and another countries, and they can help you choose the most optimal solutions and give you all information about the offer.

Sour cherries and plums mechanical harvest

We have the offer for the customers who have orchards with several dozen hectares or plan to develop their farms towards to intensifying fruit production. We can offer them self-propelled and trailed harvesters FELIX i FELIX Z. They are working in the orchards in Poland and other countries in Europe from many years.

If you are stone fruit grower, you need to develop your business you can find 5 reasons why you should think about WEREMCZUK offer.

  1. Only original solutions
  2. Always EU standards
  3. Innovative technologies
  4. Almost 40 years’ experience
  5. Professionals advice

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