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New foliar nutrient to improve sugar beet yields


Source: Ilex EnviroSciences Limited

We are using LAMMA 17 to launch Beet Raiser, a pioneering new phosphite-based foliar nutrient specifically aimed at improving sugar beet yields.

How it works

The early growth stage is crucial to sugar beet yield, as sugar accumulation begins from very early in the growth cycle. Optimising nutrition during this important early phase encourages more even, healthy leaf growth and more productive photosynthesis when the sun shines.
With the higher nutrient demand of sugar beet for NPK, Magnesium and essential micronutrients such as Boron, Molybdenum and Zinc, Beet Raiser has been formulated to target these needs. Applying Beet Raiser at important growth stages will supply key macro and micronutrients in a form immediately available to the plant. In addition, the combination of phosphate and phosphite P will promote root growth and increase nutrient uptake from the soil.

Increasing size, uniformity and sugar content

Initial field trials on sugar beet have shown excellent results both in terms of beet size uniformity and sugar content when used alongside a standard nutrition programme.

Application and cost

We recommend applying only 3 litres per hectare over the entire growing season with a total product cost of less than £20 per hectare. Beet Raiser can be applied either in two applications at 4-6 true leaves and 14-21 days later, or in a single application at 6-8 true leaves.
It is easy to use, with excellent tank mix compatibility and can readily be incorporated into a standard spray programme.

Application with Manganese

The biostimulating action of the phosphite P will also bring added efficiencies when used with other foliar applied nutrients including Ilex Mn Plus (360 g/l Manganese flowable liquid), through the increased uptake and mobility of the Manganese cations.

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