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New Organic Melt (Ice Melt) - Coming soon!!!!

Source: Cascade Geotechnical Inc.

Cascade has once again increased our winter product offering with he addition of Organic Melt!

Organic Melt is a mixture of our unique organic FUSION liquid deicer “sugar beets” and a refined salt to create the most effective and least corrosive deicer on the market! This product does not contain any harsh chemicals like calcium or magnesium chloride.

  • highly effective natural premium ice melter, with a very low freeze temperature.
  • considered one of the least corrosive ice melters on the market today using the natural power of sugar beets as the inhibitor.
  • extremely fast acting ice melter helping you get the job done fast.
  • melt 25% more snow and ice, allowing you to use less product.

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