Profile probe saves time and money for forest monitoring team


Source: Delta-T Devices Ltd.

FutMon project: Delta-T Profile Probes have been installed at four sites across the U.K. to provide soil moisture data as part of FutMon, an EU Life+ project. The aim of FutMon is to create a Europe-wide long term forest monitoring system. The FutMon partner organisation in the UK is Forest Research (Centre for Forestry and Climate Change). The data required for FutMon are being collected at existing UK long term forest monitoring plots, established by Forest Research in 1994.

Soil moisture profiling in forest research
At each site, a single Delta-T Profile Probe connected to a DL6 Data Logger is used to carry out continuous monitoring of soil moisture down to a depth of 40 cms. Once a month, when the site is visited to collect data, the Profile Probe is removed from its access tube and connected to a handheld readout meter. In this mode it is used to make instant readings at four nearby measurement points, each with its own access tube installed. After the measurements have been made, the Profile Probe is simply repositioned in its original access tube and reconnected to the DL6 Logger, ready for another month of unattended recording.

The advantage for Forest Research is being able to use a single Profile Probe for continuous monitoring as well as for checking spatial variability. It minimises the cost of equipping each site, it means fewer cables and it reduces security risks. More

Forest Research use short Profile Probes (40 cm) for their shallow soils, but long Probes (100 cm) are also available.

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