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Following their recent aquisition of the seed treatment Latitude, Certis are looking forward to Cereals and the opportunity to discuss with visitors the issue of take-all and how to protect crops from this devastating disease from day one.

“Take-all is an extremely significant and widespread fungal disease that occurs in wheat and barley, with half the UK wheat crops estimated to be affected. It attacks the roots of the plant which negatively impacts on the yields of subsequent cereal crops,” explains Certis’ Product Manager, Chris Charnock.

“Infection delays the establishment of crops and has a harmful effect on growth rates. The disease causes damage to the roots of the plant, which inhibits water and nutrient up take that consequently slows growth.

“Take-all can reduce second wheat yields by up to 50%, with direct yield losses of 0.5 to 4 tonnes/ha, and may also reduce the quality of the grain produced.

“The most significant challenge of this disease is that by the time the crop is showing visible symptoms it’s often too late to prevent losses. It’s important to reduce infection by treating seed with a specialist take-all product such as Latitude, which contains the active substance silthiofam.

“With an effective approach to take-all control and good husbandry, it is possible to close the yield gap between second and first wheats.

“Treating with Latitude has been proven to deliver an average yield response of 0.72 t/ha in second wheat and 0.25 t/ha in barley, with a specific weight increase of between one and five kg/hl, wherever take-all is a problem,” he explains.

“Latitude quickly spreads from the treated seed into the surrounding soil creating a zone of protection around the plant’s roots. By reducing crop stress from take-all, water and nutrient uptake is improved.

“In terms of the hidden risk of take-all, it is important to take preventative measures to ensure the protection of your crop and therefore your yield and profits, from day one.”

The Cereals event, which takes place in June this year, offers visitors the opportunity to speak with experts on integrated approaches to take-all prevention, ahead of autumn planting. Certis will be located at stand 405.

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