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Revolutionary technology improves lettuce harvest yields


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BiOWiSH™, a breakthrough enzyme technology, has boosted hydroponic lettuce weights by up to 30% at harvest time, according to results of a recent trial. The new technology was adopted during multiple full growing cycles at the Glenorie Hydroponics lettuce farm in New South Wales, Australia. The results showed BiOWiSH™ treated lettuce were 17% to 30% heavier at harvest time for red and green butter lettuce varieties, respectively. BiOWiSH™ is a natural soil ameliorant and water treatment that provides an optimum environment for plant development and growth. Through the action of a proprietary group of enzymes and co-factors, BiOWiSH™ enhances the availability of nutrients, producing healthier, more vibrant and stronger plants. Joe D'anastasi, owner of Glenorie Hydroponics, said the technology will revolutionise the industry by helping farmers to harvest more regularly.

'I have been in the hydroponics business for 23 years and I haven't seen anything like it before.' 'We introduced the technology in one of our worst performing greenhouses, to really test it out, but within weeks it became one of our best in terms of plant performance and health.' 'Not only were the lettuces heavier, they were also thicker and more consistent,' he said.

According to BiOWiSH Technologies Sales and Marketing Manager, Cameron Burgess, the technology also prevents problematic sludge build-up and algae accumulation in irrigation channels by accelerating the breakdown of organic wastes into its final inert compounds. Mr. Burgess added that the potential impacts of the technology on a global scale are huge. 'Food production needs to triple in the next 50 years to feed a rapidly growing global population.  It is exciting to think what our technology can do to help address looming food shortages worldwide,' he said.

BiOWiSH Technologies owns exclusive rights to BiOWiSH™. The company has adapted the technology for the hydroponics market by developing a powder product called BiOWiSHTM-Crop which is added to irrigation tanks as part of a hydroponics farm's nutrient system.

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