Satellite Imagery and Liquid Fertiliser Tanks For Increased Yields



Productivity in farming is of course a major area of focus, and according to the Financial Times, one UK farmer is relying on satellite imagery to help with fertiliser administration.  Looking at images of his Hampshire farm, the darker blue pools indicate where there needs to be more fertiliser used, whilst the yellow areas indicate where less fertiliser is required.

As a result, yields on the farm are up 3-4 per cent and the farms fertiliser bill is down 5 per cent.  However, although the UK has some of the world’s highest yields for arable farming, wheat yields have failed to improve over the past decade and approaches such as satellite imaging could be one such tool to help leverage that much sought after increase.

Liquid fertiliser tanks are another method that might help farmers increase their margins.  Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks enable bulk buying and the storage of large volumes of pre-mixed fertilizer.  For information on storing liquid fertiliser and the Enduramaxx range of plastic water tanks, including potable water tanks, get in touch now!

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