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SCR Announces a New Mobile and Web App for Farm Data Control for SCR HeatimeĀ® HR Users


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NETANYA, Israel -- SCR Engineers Ltd. today announced a new mobile and web app service to provide farmers who use the SCR Heatime® HR System for cow monitoring with expanded capabilities. SCR HealthyCow24® increases farmers' flexibility and mobility through a rich set of enhanced capabilities, including seamless connectivity with third party systems, and automated data backups.

SCR HealthyCow24 enables Heatime® farmers to stay connected and in control of their farms from anywhere via a mobile app or a web portal accessible through any computer. Users can view and edit farm data remotely and receive real-time notifications and reports, including labor-related alerts. The new solution is integrated with a fast-growing list of third-party herd management software programs and national databases, providing farmers with a single data entry point for all their farm data.

With SCR HealthyCow24, farmers can gain clear insight into farm performance related to cow, group and herd status. Heat, health, rumination and trends reports provide easy-to-use data-based decision-makings tools for improved management efficiency and effectiveness.

Advanced support and maintenance capabilities are integral to SCR HealthyCow24. Real-time monitoring of connected systems, proactive support, online backup and restore, and easy remote software upgrades ensure reliable operation and efficient service.

'SCR HealthyCow24 is a very exciting addition to the SCR portfolio of solutions, one that opens huge potential for enhanced management across the dairy farm operation,' said Yariv Avisar, CEO of SCR. 'It is a key part of our ongoing global strategy to bring added-value solutions and services to our customers and protect their investment by providing solutions that extend the value of their current equipment and systems. Leveraging the power of the cloud, this is the first of many products and services we plan to introduce.'

The SCR HealthyCow24 service is now operating with limited availability in Europe until the end of 2014.

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