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Sentera Dramatically Increases Accessibility of Crop Health Data


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Launch of AgVault Web allows users to view precision ag data anywhere and share with anyone

MINNEAPOLIS -- Sentera announces the release of AgVault™ Web, extending the power of the AgVault platform to any connected, browser-equipped device. Web users can easily view and share crop health data, and users on desktop, mobile and web can use the new toolset to quickly share field data with anyone, regardless if the recipient has an active account. AgVault Web makes remote collaboration easy and fast, expanding advisory input with the click of a button. Users like agronomists, crop consultants, and producers are able to access critical crop health data from a grower's site, advisor's office, or a dealership and offer advice using near-real-time crop health data.

AgVault Web comes standard with AgVault Pro and AgVault Viewer licenses.

Anywhere, Anyone

'Viewing, sharing, and analyzing crop health data has never been easier for the agriculture industry than with the introduction of AgVault Web,' remarked Reid Plumbo, director of product management for Sentera. 'The web interface was designed to streamline how near-real-time in-field data is viewed and shared off-field to make prescriptive decisions, and it completes our vision to bring a true multi-channel experience to our user community. Now, we can serve our growers on any device they choose - mobile, PC, or browser.'

Plumbo continued, 'Users no longer need to log-in via the full desktop app when they just need to quickly access or review data. Now, they can access that information from a browser. It's that easy.'

Up-to-date and accurate crop health data is essential to positively influencing yield and economic outcome. In short order, crop health can shift, which could result in different input recommendations. AgVault Web allows for dynamic, collaborative decision making.

Easy Field Sharing

To share data within AgVault, users click a button, enter recipient email addresses, and field data is shared. Each recipient then receives an email notification with a unique web link. Existing AgVault users will find the shared field data automatically integrated into their AgVault account. Recipients without an active AgVault subscription receive a link to the shared crop health data, where field data can be accessed and viewed through AgVault's rich interface.

Within the AgVault Web interface, recipients of shared fields can:

  • Access crop health data
  • View QuickTile™ and orthomosaic maps
  • Utilize the interactive NDVI Toolbox™ feature, customizing NDVI QuickTile values

Increase Efficiencies

Giving every decision-maker access to the same data at the same time is critical for confidently making fast decisions. Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture for Sentera explains, 'AgVault Web is especially helpful for growers wishing to share data and seek advice from agronomists or consultants in real-time, and for advisers whose clients want to view crop health data on-the-go.'

Plumbo adds, 'AgVault Web allows you to share data with anyone you choose, regardless of their subscriber status. We think allowing users the chance to share outside the platform will really enhance its overall usefulness, and also drive incremental subscribership as more growers and agronomists learn about the power of drone-borne crop health data.'

Built on Proven AgVault Platform

AgVault Web enhances the industry-leading AgVault Mobile and Desktop applications that agriculture experts have come to rely on for their end-to-end crop health data solution. AgVault customers enjoy autonomously flying fields, collecting precise NDVI data, creating QuickTile™ maps in the field, and managing fully-stitched orthomosaics. 

Current AgVault customers may access the web app today by logging into

Use this link to see what a shared field looks like with Sentera's AgVault Web App.

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