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Sour cherries harvester FELIX-Z again presents its capabilities


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Intensiv stone fruits orchards and the best harvesting machine

At the end of July, we had the pleasure to host in Poland  and Weremczuk FMR’s company our Hungarian dealer- together with a quite large group of cherries producers from this country. The main purpose of their visit was the opportunity to see the harvester FELIX-Z during work in cherries orchard.

Taking advantage of one of ours customer’s kindness, who deals, among other things, also cherries production, and has successfully used our machine for eight years, we invited our guests to orchards located near Lublin.

Mr. Zbigniew- orchardman, who enabled us organizing this event, welcomed us really warmly and kindly.He spoke with pride and great satisfaction about his work and also willingly answered on all arose questions.
On plantations belonging to Mr. Zbigniew, fruits have already been harvested from trees, but nevertheless, the owner invited us to look at their orchards. It was a great opportunity to assess the impact of mechanical harvesting on the final plantation condition.

Naturally, the orchard, after harvesting with the FELIX-Z harvester is well. A plantation  adaptation to mechanical harvesting, proper leading of trees and performing all recommended treatments guarantees the best condition of orchard, which is confirmed by above pictures.

While some customers watched the orchard after harvesting with the FELIX-Z, others exchanged their views and comments about cultivation and harvesting technology of sour cherries trees.

Finally, we went to the friendly grower’ s orchard who was harvesting sour cherries, using the FELIX-Z harvester, produced by WEREMCZUK FMR.

The orchard, in which the cherries harvester was working, is already several years old. This year on trees were exceptionally a lot of fruits.

The Hungarian orchards growers was closely watching work of the cherry harvester. Producers had enough time to familiarize themselves with the principle of harvester operation and to assess fruit quality.

Although the machine has been working on plantations for eight years, it still works well and quality of harvested fruit is suitable for processing.

After intensive observation in the orchard, we went to the headquarters WEREMCZUK FMR company, where producers could again, without rush, familiarize themselves with principle of operation  the harvester FELIX-Z and the sour cherries shaking and cleaning machine- MAJA AUTOMATIC-LK.

Our employee made a display of machine’s start-up. Customers had an opportunity to carefully inspect new produced machines and ask questions our team.

We would like to thank our Hungarian guests for coming and the owner of the plantation for the opportunity to see the FELIX-Z -cherry harvester at work.

We also invite you to watch a video that shows sour cherries harvesting with the FELIX-Z harvester: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCpiyflx0d8

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