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Spreading the Word about a Successful Agitation Boat Field Demo


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Puck Custom Enterprises, a Cornell pump distributor, showcased their agitation boats and direct injection technology at a farm in Merced, California last week.

The demo days, designed to let dairymen and other interested parties see the power of the agitation boat and the benefits of applying the liquid manure to the field using a drag hose system, was held at a working dairy with a very solids laden manure lagoon.

When PCE first placed a boat on the lagoon, they were not able to locate any spots with more than five feet of liquid (in a 15 foot deep pond). As the photos illustrate, much of the lagoon had solids all the way out of the water. After about three and a half days of intense work, the agitation boats, 6NHTB and 10NNT Cornell equipped models, were able to mix enough solids and liquid together to get a sounding pole to touch all the way down to the bottom of the lagoon throughout the entire enclosure.

After the mixing process, PCE pumped over 5 million gallons of nutrient rich liquid manure about a mile away to be direct injected in the farmer’s fields. Cornell 6NHTB19 lagoon and booster pumps were used to power the dragline. The nutrient was being deployed at up to 2,400 gallons per minute; saving the farmer thousands in watering and fertilizing expense, and reducing the build-up of solids in his lagoon. The solids content of the 5 million gallons pumped would have filled approximately 400 trucks needing to be hauled away.

PCE plans more demonstrations in California. As dates become available, we will post on the blog.

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