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Technology Revolutionizing Chilean Aquaculture on View at Watec


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No More IPN - Atlantium ground-breaking water disinfection system is the answer to the Aquaculture Industry’s threat from a virulent virus

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Atlantium Technologies Ltd., global leader in UV water disinfection solutions, today announced that attendees at Watec in Tel Aviv will be able to view the RZ300 – the disinfection system that uses light to protect against IPN – at booth #24, Hall 1.

Atlantium, following the Watec ‘11 theme of innovation, will demonstrate how its unique UV technology protects fish and fish eggs from the bacteria and viruses that threaten the aquaculture industry, without chemicals or by-products harmful to fish, man and environment.

IPN is a virulent virus that is highly contagious, especially in young fish populations. It is infamous for causing $15M damages to the Norwegian aquaculture industry in 2005, and started becoming widespread in Chile several years ago. Atlantium systems proved that they could easily inactivate it and halt the spread of the deadly disease at a very cost effective price.

“With much of the natural fish population depleted and an ever increasing global demand for fish as a staple food product, it is important that the aquaculture industry flourishes,” said Mr. Benjamin Kahn, CEO of Atlantium Technologies, named “Hero of the Environment” by Time magazine. “I am proud of the contribution that Atlantium makes to this industry in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.”

Patented Atlantium technology – combining medium pressure high intensity UV energy with advanced hydro-optic principles - was instrumental in paving the way for regulatory recognition of UV as an effective disinfection, and the RZ-300 complies with EPA 5 log reduction, FDA water disinfection rules and el marco de la Ley General de Pesca y Acuicultura regulations, among others.

About Atlantium

Atlantium Technologies Ltd., founded in 2003, provides water-dependent industries such as dairy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and aquaculture, as well as municipalities, with UV (ultraviolet) based treatments to meet the growing need for safe water.

Atlantium's Hydro-Optic system is field proven and validated to the highest regulatory standards including EPA, FDA and PMO.

The company has an international customer base with installations all over the world.

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